Welcome to our ACCEPTO-blog!

We are 7 schools (in 7 countries) and an Institute in Sardinia and together we work in an Erasmus+ project called ACCEPTO – Accepting yourself and accepting the others. This project is about building self-esteem and preventing bullying and cyberbullying.


Specifically the objectives which we want to achieve with the project are:
1. To promote a successful partnership ín order to provide a more attractive education and training while working on the topic of  bullying , cyberbullying and self-esteem in the frame of each school curricula
2. To develop students’ and teachers’ key competences and skills such as: foreign languages skills, digital/ICT competences,project management and entrepreneurship skills while working on the project topics
3. To raise pupils’ understanding  of  the phenomenon /types of bullying and making them develop a responsible  behaviour by involving in the prevention and finding of effective solutions
4.To promote students’ interest for developing a healthy self-esteem attitude
5. To determine teachers’ acquiring of innovative and modern pedagogical approaches thus contributing to improving the students’ school and personal accomplishment
6. To improve students’ motivation for learning with the help of  interesting and less conventional activities of the project

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